The ToolBoxPros platform was founded by 2 guys, based on both personal and disruptive reasons.

For me, Jeremiah Mitchell, both of my Grandfathers, Art & Wilmont were a craftsman and a contractor from the Midwest(Indiana). My grandfather Art was a plumber. My other Grandfather Wilmont, was a wood worker, whom built birdhouses, high into the sky.

When my grandfathers came to your home, gave you a bid and a timeline of when the job or project would be completed, they meant it. Their word was as strong as oak. And they did each job right. There was integrity, that seems to be missing these days. Both of my grandpa’s would roll up their sleeves and complete every job as if it was their own property or personal project.

This is where the concept of ToolBoxPros originated. It’s a rat race these days, where everyone is competing for the same bids. We want to steer y’all away from that concept and bring craftsmanship back to the industry.

And for me Andrew Medal, Toolbox Pros represents the opportunity. My great grandfather was a Dutch dairy farmer that came to the US, to create a better life for himself. Thanks to his trade, he was able to milk his way across the Country, from the east all the way to the Western United States, where he met my great grandmother and started a family.

The opportunity that he created as a blue collar worker, with integrity, created great opportunities  for him and his family. That’s what I hope Toolbox Pros does for you.

Each contractor has a toolbox in their profile. The more tools compiled in their toolbox, the more qualifications that contractor offers to guarantee the project done right.

So when you’re inviting a contractor into your home, ask the question, “What’s in your contractors tool box?” So when you open up your door, your confident that our Tool Box Pros contractor has done the work needed, to make sure your project gets done right.



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